Fireside Tips

How to Build a Fire Like a Pro

Whether you have a backyard fire pit, a campfire or an indoor fireplace, here are the steps to building a perfect fire.

Step 1 - Check Your Surroundings

Make sure your fire pit or campfire is in a safe location, away from low hanging trees or structures. If using your indoor fireplace, make sure it cleaned and inspected regularly by professionals.

Step 2 - Collect Your Supplies

For a traditional fire you’ll need kindling, fuel and matches. For kindling, grab a bundle of our Light ‘n Go Alder Wood Kindling and a pack of our Light ‘n Go Lighterballs. For fuel, you’ll want to use either our Simple Simon Premium Hardwood or our European Split White Birch firewood bundles. And then you’ll need a pack of matches to get everything started.

Step 3 - Assemble Your Firewood Pile

There are many different shapes for assembling your firewood pile, so pick the best one for your space. Some of the stacking techniques are a Teepee, a Lean-To, a Log Cabin, and a Cross. There are lots of examples online to ensure you are stacking in the best way to catch fire.

And if you need to keep your materials to a minimum, you can also use a Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log or a Light ‘n Go GO Log, which both ignite and burn through with just one match.

Step 4 - Ignite

Now its show time! Ignite the Light ‘n Go Lighterballs with a match and add more Light ‘n Go Alder Wood Kindling as your fire grows. Once flames are sustaining themselves, add more kindling and then larger firewood to keep the fire going.

Step 5 - Maintain

To maintain your fire you’ll want to keep feeding it with new firewood logs as the others begin to burn through. Be careful not to stack too many new logs at once. Stacking a lot of firewood at once could accidentally extinguish your flame or on the other hand, could create a very large flame that is not as easy to control.

Step 6 - Extinguish Safely

To safely extinguish a fire takes time and you should wait until the flames have died down before you put it out. If you want to extinguish faster, begin by sprinkling water over the fire to make it smaller. Then pour water on the fire, stir the ashes and pour more water on the ashes. Repeat the pouring and stirring steps until you are sure all the embers are out - even just one ember left behind could ignite a fire again. Ashes should be cool when you hover your hand over them when they are completely out.