Celebrate the Seasons

Everything You Need to Host the Best Backyard Party

It's officially summer and that means one thing - lots of time in the backyard with family and friends.

Here’s everything you need to know to host the best backyard party that is tons of fun and stress-free!


If you don’t have one already, setup a firepit in your backyard ASAP. They are the perfect gathering spot as night falls and the air cools down. Then go out and grab a Light ’n Go GO Log or a Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log for a quick and easy fire that lights with one match and will burn with ease.


Load up the cooler with a variety of beverages that everyone will enjoy. And if you’re feeling really fancy, make a signature drink for your guests and setup an outdoor bar cart with all the trimmings - fun glassware, straws and tiny umbrellas!


Light up the grill! Backyard parties are the perfect opportunity to grill everything - proteins, veggies, even pizzas. The basics like burgers and hotdogs are always a hit, but you can elevate your party by creating a prix fixe menu for your guests with courses throughout the night.


Unless you are investing in a patio set that you plan to use for a long time, you don’t have to spend lots of money on seating for your backyard - collect what you have from around the house, ask friends to bring what they have and you’ll have plenty of spots for your guests to relax comfortably! For larger parties, look into a local rental service to provide tables and chairs and pop up tents for backyard.


Market string lights are an affordable way to make your backyard Instagram-ready with a warm glow. Tiki torches are always a hit too, and follow the product instructions for placing open flames around your backyard.


You may love a specific type of music but for parties we suggest you pick something you know everyone will enjoy. Pre-made playlists on your favorite music apps are a hit too! And after hours, be mindful of your neighbors. Nobody likes loud music that lasts into the wee hours.


Backyard games are easy to setup and fun for all ages. Horse shoes, Bocce ball, corn hole - pick your favorites and they’re sure to entertain.