Ready to Burn Logs

Light ’n Go Bonfire Log

The Light ‘n Go Bonfire Log creates a beautiful bonfire with just one match. No chemicals, just pure kiln-dried beautiful white birch with a paperboard firestarter.


Light ’n Go Go Log

Light ‘n Go GO Logs are all-natural real wood logs that start with one match and burn for one to one and a half hours. In your fireplace in the winter or fire pit in the summer, enjoy the GO Log all year. For everyday use indoors or out.


Light ’n Go Yule Log

The Light ‘n Go Yule Log is an engineered all-natural birch log, which can be lit with one match and enjoyed for one hour. Dressed with a handle and seasonal decoration, it is a fun holiday gift. It’s easy to light and burn indoors or out, for an instantly warm atmosphere.